Facial Treatments

HERBAL DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL: This is a method of cleansing your face thoroughly and professionally, a detoxifying, extraction and exfoliation of dirt  away from your skin,  leaving your skin fresh, and able to breadth easily.

WHITENING GOLD COLLAGEN: This is a treatment mixed with 24 karat gold, simply to brighten and add glow to the skin after treatment, which leaves golden particles lasting on the surface of the skin.

DIAMOND TREATMENT: This is a facial with specially selected extracts of nature’s finest minerals, with a key ingredient of diamond granules to soothe your skin and give your dull skin an instant blush.

BIO FACIAL: This is a purifying facial, that helps fight against any sort of bacteria settlement on the skin, for problematic skin, there are certain active ingredients that helps slow down and normalise the sebaceous glands. This facial has a unique clay mask that unblock pores and reduces irritation.

COLLAGEN GALVANICK NECK TREATMENT: This is a treatment to straighten folds & wrinkles on the neck. It is done on periodic sessions, because it is a gradual treatment for long lasting and permanent results.

NOVACID FACIAL: This is a treatment used for scared skins such as acne spots and blemishes by applying acidic properties as a peel to the skin (face), to alleviate dead cells and closing up of the pores that have been sterile. Regular treatment will ensure banishment, leaving your skin looking flawless. Sessions required.

NON SURGICAL FACE LIFT: This treatment on the skin is not surgical, but with the use of essential oil extract products will result to beautiful & firm faces “as that of a baby”. This is a treatment on a tensed faces; a rhythmatic massage will eliminate the lines caused by stress on the face and leave you looking more relaxed and attractive.

FRUIT THERAPY FACIAL: This is a therapy which involves the use of freshly selected fruits. The extracts of skin friendly fruits & enhancement solutions are mixed together and are applied on the skin. With this treatment, the skin develops a tender texture and leaves it feeling nourished.

MESO THERAPY FACIAL: Meso therapy is a new specialised skin care treatment along the lines of non-invasive aesthetic medicine, to be used either as a “meso-like” effect or a “meso-care” effect.

A vitamin booster facial, (vitamins A, C, and E) it is generally known that vitamin are essential key constituents of our health and well-being. These carefully selected vitamins compliments the vital exchanges and the synthesis of our bodies enzymes. Research and developments have chosen these three vitamins for maintaining a healthy and youthful looking skin. Regenerating, brightening and protecting serums are the basic factors of this facial by using an advanced instrument in skin technology called the micro-pick and skinjector.

WHITE PERFECTION FACIAL: This facial is an expertised treatment that involves the regulation of genetic pigmentation with odawhite and modifying the cellular messages with lumiskin. This treatment is very good for skin having discoloration and sunburn, it helps lighten, repairs cell metabolism and nourishes the skin in depth. After this facial your skin will look truly lovely; your complexion brightened lightened and radiant

FACIAL BAR has many more facials to offer such a pearl facial, richfeel etc. For more information and exclusive consultation drop in on opening hours or send your enquires to info@facialbaronline.com